Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Reasons why I'm not a good soccer mom...

The boys and I went to CiCi's Pizza tonight for my middle son's soccer banquet. Its like the cheap version of Chuck E. Cheese. Earlier in the day I had been thinking of starting up this headache damn blog again, but nothing really funny had happened lately. Who wants to hear about my cat and then turkey getting hit by a car? BORING. What's the saying? Ask and you shall recieve? Well, I recieved all right. A big dose of screaming kids and soccer moms.

Now let me get this straight...some soccer moms are cool. Like me. Heh.I'm like the AntiSoccer mom. For the last few years my sons have played soccer. I'm always the mom the other moms don't talk to. It's probably my fault. I'm not the most social person. Or on time. Or very mom-ish. I don't really like kids. Don't get me wrong, I love mine. It is just everyone else's that I don't like. Well, unless I know you and your kiddos and then I can tolerate them...until they do some crazy shit.

Anyways, at first I didn't understand being shunned by the other moms. I went through the whole "why don't the like me!?" phase a few years ago and my own mother pointed out that i'm not really the friendliest of sorts sometimes. Then I realized the following....

1. I don't really make every practice or game, so the other moms are probably confused as to who I actually am.

2. I'm always late. Like shove-the-kid-out-the-cat-door-oh-shit-the-game-is-about-to-start-shoes-untied-RUN-RUN kind of late.

3. I'm not asked to bring snacks. Last time I was, I brought donuts. To a 7pm game. The kids were ecstatic. Other parents, not so much.

4. I don't know the other kids on the team. If I did, I would have realized that there are a set of twins on the team and I never even knew it. Probably cause they look alike and all, but still. Freaky identical twins are always fun to stare at and had I known they were there, I would've had plenty of starting time!

5. I like days that practice/games get rained out.Oh darn, we have to go home. hee hee hee

6. I send my kid to team photos in a dirty jersey. Here's photographic evidence:

7. I don't really know what to talk about. Derby? Army? Chickens? My dirty two year old currently playing in the dirt? Don't judge, dirt is free, builds immune systems AND allows me to watch 5 minutes of the game. Note: There has only been one awesome mom who had chickens and she talked to me. :)

8. I don't know my child's jersey number. I can barely remember to wash the darn thing. Black and yellow are their colors this year and I know what my kid looks like. Well, there was that one time a similar looking white kid with blondish hair was playing that I thought was mine, but whatever, they all run in a pack.

9. I want to teach my kid some roller derby blocking moves. I'm certain this could be very helpful on the field.

10. I really don't like annoying kids. Here's an actual coversation tonight with some random kid from the soccer team:
random kid "can I have some money"
me "no"
random kid "but my sister wants to play a game"
me "ok, so go ask your own mom"
random kid "she doesn't have any money"
me "too bad for you then"

11. I often wear weird things like zombie chicken hats and workout clothes with mismatched funky socks. 

12. I will stare down (or say something but that is rare) to your kid for a variety of reasons. Being rude, being a bully, not listening to the coach, trying to sit on my lap. Refer back to me not really liking kids unless I know them.

13. I'm not mom-ish. Really...could you REALLY see me at those mom get togethers? I tried it once. They were all "let's sit in a circle and clap our babies hands" and i'm all "can't we just let them play and talk about adult stuff!?" Bah!

14. I judge them as much as they probably judge me. Gah, it is like high school all over again.

I know there are more AntiSoccer moms out there. We must find them. We must unite. We'll probably just procrastinate and never meet, BUT it is the thought that counts. Right!?

 Moral of the story is, I know my deficiencies. I could change, but I know that I won't. I'm cool with being "that mom" and I will continue NOT having to bring snacks and all that great stuff. :)


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Why i'm selling my turkeys

I posted my craigslist ad for my turkeys for sale after yet another turkey fiasco last night. The key words here are another, turkey and fiasco. When people read the snippets of my life on facebook, I am sure there are those who think that I could be making this stuff up. Oh, but I wish I could. Maybe this sort of stuff happens to regular people, but since they don't have the same quirky sense of humor as myself it is not funny. Or maybe I'm just special. It's probably the latter.

I've decided to put all my turkey incidents together so that people will understand why I came to the decision to sell the turkeys. I did ask Bryan to keep one for Thanksgiving. He rolled his eyes and tried to keep the "I told you so's" to himself.

I should have known the turkeys would be a handful from the beginning. Our first "incident" was when our cat, WillieJack decided to free one of the babies. Not sure if he got into the baby turkey pen or the baby turkey got out, but either way, WillieJack took him out the cat door and to the road. This is where I found them. A panicked looking baby turkey and a cat with a "I didn't do it" look on his face.

After that was the time the baby turkey got caught in the water dish and dislocated its leg. He didn't die and I didn't have the heart to kill it. Which is odd in itself because I did get these things to eat them. I put him in a basket and took him to a yard sale. My chiropractor came by and adjusted his leg and he could walk again! I told him that I would not eat him and that he could live here forever with the chickens, but I fear he was overcome with fear of having to be the lone male with a bunch of hens and he passed away a few days later.

A month or so ago was the infamous predator attacks in which something killed 8 baby roosters and one turkey and led to a series of interesting "I can't make this up" events:

I put our dog out there for the first few nights and he got his tie out chain wrapped around our new baby apple tree and broke it. From the way the cord was wrapped around the tree, I like to think it was because he was chasing the predator around the tree for what seemed to have been at least 10 times.

One night I decided that I would finally put up this poultry net I had bought. There needs to be a warning photo on the package as one can easily get tangled in the net. It didn't help that I was doing this in the dark by the light of my car's headlight. Oh and Fat Bastard the chicken kept pecking my feet.

Then my husband decided to put the dog up and if we heard something we'd go out there with the loaded shotgun. The first night Bryan sits up in bed and says "did you hear that!?" and me being dead asleep says "YES!" Bryan grabs the gun and proceeds to kill the predator but it turned out to be our cat, FriskyPants, and we cried about for hours. As we were burying him, Friskypants walked up and wondered what we were doing digging a hole. After a minute or two we were able to figure out that our cat was not a ghost and it was NOT our cat that was dead but a cat that looked just like him. I'm just glad that we hadn't already buried the other cat when ours showed up. That would have been scaryzombiepetsemetaryish.

Then there was the time I thought it would be great to set up a plastic fence and let the turkeys graze on some grass outside their pen. While I was gone they knocked it down and I was greeted upon my return, in the road no less, by six turkeys, ten chickens and one waddling Fat Bastard. It was, of course, raining when I had to corral them all back in.

After that was the turkey-stuck-on-top-of-the-pen-in-the-poultry-netting incident. Again, it was dark and Fat Bastard pecked my feet. He's going to taste very good and I might even do an evil laugh while I chew.

Next was the time that I shocked myself on the electric fence. Really not much to that. I was connecting the water hose through the fence. I knew the electric fence was there and I even thought to myself "I really should turn it off, nah, I'll be careful" ZAP! Enough said.

Lastly was the most recent event, which seems to tie a lot of the other events together. Now, for best effect you really need to picture all of this in your head....The rain is POURING and I remembered that we had moved the turkey pen and I didn't put the top back on so they were getting soaked. I couldn't ask Bryan to help because I'd get an icy "you wanted those damned turkeys" look. No worries, I can put a little tarp over the pen. HA. I am only 5'4" tall. The pen was 6ft tall. Add the pouring rain and I am wearing my oversized Army rain coat and the hood, being oversized because they don't usually make small Army stuff, I couldn't quite see from under it without getting soaked. I'm blindly trying to jump and get the tarp over the edge, but I'm only able to get one corner up. I go inside the pen to sort of pull it over from the inside, but all that does is make a funnel of water splashing on me to add to the inch of water I now have inside my pink mud boots. It was also not very easy as the poultry net over the top of the pen limited my ability to grab the tarp. The pen was also a bit flooded so I thought it would be smart to pick it up and set it on something so the water wouldn't pool. I noted the electric fence and thought "I should turn that off, nah, I'll be careful" and picked the pen up at the only part that did not have the electric fence...the door. Great idea until I used my hulk-like strength and as I lifted up, the door came off the hinges and almost fell on the turkeys. This was the point I gave up. As I was walking into the house, it stopped raining. The final thing that happened...my boots got stuck on my feet. Bryan had to assist because the combination of 3 inches of rain water, wet socks and foot pulling caused a vacuum-type effect. I wanted to be mad and upset and all those temper-tantrum type emotions but instead I started laughing and decided "I really, really can't make this up."

Did I mention I've only had these things since May? More than likely no one will want to buy them. I'll be stuck with them till Thanksgiving and then have a freezer full of turkeys and I will never ever get turkeys again. Well maybe just one, but only one. :)

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

My life depicted in a poorly drawn cartoon

Here are all of my cartoons to date. Note the smooth fluid lines and attention to detail. That publisher will be calling for real now! I know it!

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mini People Zoos

I am travelling again. Back to the land of earthquakes and possible Japanese radiation. The idea of radiation only increases my fears of this land. I was here only a short time ago, so the memories of my last trip are fresh in my mind, but yet I forgot my reflective vest. Crap...I should have read my own darn blog post again prior to this trip. :(

Any hoo....

Travels across the country are always exciting. Flying from coast to coast you will see quite a number of interesting things in the airports. I think that flights are so expensive now thanks to the fact that airports are like mini people zoos. They jacked up your cost so you could have the great experiences of humanity in a quick 30 minute to 4 hour stay.

Can't you hear a tour guide now?

"Welcome to the Chicago Airport! On our left you will see the rare female Hip Sloppies . They are often known to be seen in public wearing sweatpants or even pajama pants with hoodies and UGG boots. They proudly display their messy, over processed hair in sideways ponytails. Travelling in packs of at least 3, you will hear the shrill of their voices before seen. They survive mostly off of fast food, gossip and cell phone waves."

Like zoos that provide hand sanitizer after you feed or pet the animals and since this is an interactive sort of place, I feel that they should provide cans of Lysol upon entering the facility. Why? For when you see the man wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt that looked like he had to combat roll through an entire Jiffy Lube garage to get out of bed.  I'd really prefer NOT to have to sit next to him without Lysol. Really, Dude? Could you have at least hosed off before leaving?

Now remember that zoos have animals from all over the world. So when you come across a species that you've never encountered before do not interact, just observe. For example, when the (probably) German dude sitting in front of you on the flight that needs to invest in some deodorant; it is not okay to type "Dude, you stink really bad" on your google translate app and press the listen button. Note: it took everything I had not to push that listen button.

Like the gorillas beating their chests, today's chest beaters come in the form of cell phone show offs. You know what I am talking about. The ones that save those moments of airplane close contact to use their cell phones to talk to their "friend" about something super important. One young guy talked to his "friend" for about a 12 million dollar condo deal that they should jump on. Or there was the over tanned, fake hair (I tried to get a pic but it woulda been obvious) wanna-be-25-but-is-really-40 lady talking to her friend about how they should <insert valley girl voice> "totally go and vacation in the Mediterranean next time cause it is 'our' scene." Do you seriously think that we believe you? I give about, oh...a crap.

The highlight of my mini people zoo trip was seeing a celebrity, well, sort of a celebrity. Standing there like a regular person was the Reverend Jessie Jackson. No shit! He even looked like he does on TV. I played paparazzi and snapped a photo. I decided that I wouldn't be totally airport stalker like some people and go right up to him, not say anything and take a picture. I would have preferred to see Lady Gaga in some meat outfit, but you have to take what you can get.

Well, I better get. I'm happy also to report that I've been here for a whole 24 hours and we are earthquake free...for now.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Time for change

As I sit and write this, I am drinking a Dr Pepper. You know how you know when you are ready to start phasing into the more Eco-friendly, organic world? When, with every sip of the fantastic drink, you wonder how many chemicals are in the drink. How many unnatural ingredients are you putting into your body.

Yeah...that's where I am. Change, however, is not something that comes easy so I've decided to do these changes in phases.

Here's the things that I've completed and/or currently working on:

# 1: no more McDonald's. Ever. I completed this already and have been almost two years Mickey D's free. Thanks to the movie Super Size Me but more thanks to this clip of the 6 year old Hamburger video.

# 2: be more self sustaining at home. I'm on my way with that. Chickens-check. Good sized garden-in progress.

# 3: use more all-natural, chemical free products in the shower. Done. Locally made soap from Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen-check, locally made shampoo from Amy's Alchemy-check,  locally made lotion by Angel's Rest Creations-check and all natural face scrub from Lush-check. I've yet to find a good deodorant that works that is all natural. 

# 4: do not use plastic bags and shop on the outside of the grocery store. Done...at least 95% of trips. Did you know that plastic bags are one of the top thing that litter our planet? Why the outside isles of the store? They are the isles that have the fresh foods. Inside isles are all pre-packaged. I do dart into the inside occasionally as I'm not one who has the time to make my own pasta!

# 5: no more fast food. Well, except for chick-fil-a because #1 they are awesome and #2 I need an oh-crap-need-to-feed-the-kiddos-and-have-to-be-somewhere-in-10-minutes place to go. Also, there are only 2 in our town and they are not convenient at all to my work, kids school or home. Now, I've done very well with this except for my January trip to California because I didn't have a choice.
# 6: make my own bread. We got a bread maker for a wedding gift and used it a lot in the beginning. We slacked off for awhile, but I've started back up again because I smelled the store bread my son was eating. It smelled totally different from our homemade bread. Try it. Smell a slice of store bought white bread and then smell a slice of homemade. HUGE difference.

# 7: hang dry clothes. I do this when the weather is warm. Hopefully it makes up for my time during the winter that I over use the dryer. Hanging clothes also may help with my house guest ogre Darryl.

# 8: Cloth diapers. We use them 90% of the time. I never was able to get the night time cloth diapers down and the baby ended up looking like a squash. We got luck and have a great company, Jennifer's Cloth Diaper Boutique,  and a great babysitter that helped me with the transition!

So here's the phases I'm going to start:

# 9: no more soft drinks. <gulp> this may not be as difficult as I think. I rarely drink sodas, but I do love the occasional bottle of Dr pepper. And I do need some bottles for my seedlings. ;) look, I'm already trying to justify keeping Dr pepper. <sigh> disregard the first sentence...this will be hard.   

# 10: raise a turkey for Thanksgiving. I'm not a vegetarian and doubtful will ever be one. If we want to be self sustaining and eat meat that means I have to disconnect from the animals that I love. I'm going into this knowing that I will eat this animal. I will name it Lunch. Please understand that while I do love animals, I would rather know where my food is coming from. I might not be able to go through with this, but I am going to try. This will be a test for sure. 

# 11: no more chain restaurants. This is for three reasons. #1 quick places like Subway has just as much processed food as the fast food places. #2 this will limit my availability to quick and easy foods. #3 I want to support local businesses and their food is usually better anyways. :)

# 12: only get fruits and veggies from the farmer's market. Our town has started a Wednesday night market which will be great once it starts up again in the spring. Its been difficult during the winter to do this, but I hope between the farmer's market and what we are able to grow and store we will be okay next winter. This means I will be teaching myself how to can. I did some jellies this year. They didn't turn out half bad and the kitchen didn't explode, so I must have done something right! Our local farmer's market

# 13: Recycle! It is not easy to do out here in the country as we have to pay to have our trash picked up weekly. We are lucky to have our trash can placed back upright, so doubtful they'd even entertain recycling. We keep most paper products for the wood stove. I need to get some sorting containers and we will have to take the trash to the dump ourselves. We also take any and all food waste to the chickens, so what's left really isn't a lot. I'm also researching things like how to reuse glass bottles and such. Reduce, reuse and recycle!

# 14: no more kitty litter. Ugh...who really likes to clean a litter box? Our cats are perfectly happy to go outside in the woods and actually seem to prefer it. One day the door to the bathroom/cat potty was closed and WillieJack the orange kitty kept going to the front door and meowing for me to let him out! We just have to figure out how/where to put a cat door that won't allow other wildlife inside.

# 15: eat only local, grass fed meats. We are placing first order with Buffalo Creek Beef! We've purchased small quantities from them before and it was good and not as expensive as I thought.

I have not set any sort of time frame to have these different phases done and they don't have to be done all at once either. Change takes time and the more small changes I make, the more I will be able to see my final goals come into focus. There are many that think like "The Secret" and that if you put things in writing and set a plan/goals you will attain those goals. So, there are my goals. Fingers crossed and I will post about my progress!

What sort of things do you do to be more self sustaining? More eco-friendly?


Friday, February 25, 2011

Puppies and Kittens and Dogs...OH MY!

A recent news show in my area did a story on the number of dogs being euthanized in the local pound. I am so fired up that am writing this still in my jacket after just getting home. Please excuse grammatical errors.

See the story: Euthanasia rate at local pound

I'm super fired up about this, but not in the way that you would expect. Why exactly is everyone slamming the pound? Because they kill puppies and kittens? Hmm...

Here's some facts about the Roanoke Center for Animal Protection:

  • stray animals are euthanized
  • people's pets are euthanized
  • aggressive dogs are euthanized
  • feral cats are euthanized
  • cuddly cats are euthanized
  • sweet baby puppies and kittens are euthanized
  • pregnant animals are euthanized

Here some things that the Roanoke Center for Animal Protection doesn't do:
  • let their dogs run loose because they don't care enough about the animal to keep it safe
  • not spay/neuter their pet
  • have to move and leave their 15yr old cat/dog/bunny behind because their new house won't allow them
  • have a baby and give up their dog/cat/bunny because they are now too busy
  • train their dogs to be so aggressive they can't be handled
  • breed their mutt dog so that their child can experience something being born and then get rid of all the puppies
  • chain their dog out to tree and throw them food every so often
  • "forget" to feed their pet and almost starve them to death

Fact: the Roanoke Center for Animal Control cleans up our mess. If not for the pound, we would be forced to live like many underdeveloped countries that are over run with feral dogs. Wild dogs that kill people. Wild dogs that end up being euthanized by people going out in the early mornings and shooting them. Is THAT the world we want to live in? I don't. Google it and you'll see a lot of articles about it.

One thing that the news story showed the average public is the euthanasia rates for the pound:

State statistics show the center put down 3,432 cats in 2010 while adopting out 30.
The same stats show the center put down 1,139 dogs in 2010 while adopting out only 8

Um, WSLS, where are the statistics that show the total number of dogs that were taken in overall? How about the total number of dogs that the SPCA took? or Angels of Assisi? Or League for Animal Protection? I'd like to see THOSE totals.

Now, let's think about this. If the pound euthanizes 3, 432 cats in a year and if those cats were left as strays...how many cats would we then be dealing with on the street? An unspayed female cat, her mate and all of their offspring, producing 2 litters per year, with 2.8 surviving kittens per litter can add up to 11,606,077 cats in 9 years. Let's do the math: 3, 432 cats. Let's say that 1/2 survive, so 1716 cats x 11,606,077 cats from the above formula equals out to be.....drum roll.....whoa, the calculator on my phone does not even go that high. You get the idea don't you? Here's a link to the cat pyramid so you can see for yourself. Its a similar ratio for dogs as well.

Now, lets move into the realm of the pound and their behavioral evaluations. Here's a fact that many of you may or may not know. I am a former dog trainer. I also worked for a super short period as the behaviorist for the SPCA. Well, technically I filled in for the full time person who was out due to surgery, but whatever, I did the job. While i'm not going into the exact temperament tests tonight, I will be happy to do so later so that you may understand what is evaluated.

When the behaviorist is choosing the dogs that they feel fit to adopt out to the public, the main words that must stick in everyone's mind is: JOE SCHMO. Joe Schmo isn't going to do a lick of dog training with the dog he gets. Joe Schmo is going to take home his new dog and do not one single thing that is recommended for him to do to have a nice dog. Joe Schmo is going to let his kid try to ride the dog and kiss the dog in the mouth. Joe Schmo is going to...well, I could go on forever. You get the point.

There are temperament tests that should be done, but you know what...they don't always get done. Why? Because if there are only two open spots available in the no-kill shelter and there are 20 dogs to look at, I'm not even going to look at the ones that are bouncing off the walls like they are in a kiddie air jump thing or the ones that are growling at me. Do you really think that Joe Schmo is going to adopt one of those dogs? No. What about if, on the no-kill side, there are 8 super good dogs that are brindle that have been there for 6 months plus and there a 3 open kennels for dogs from the kill side to come over. The dogs on the kill side that are good include brindle dogs. Would you take more brindle dogs when you know that the average public isn't seeming to adopt brindle dogs? No. So it comes down to a looks contest. Who do I think that Joe Schmo is going to want to take home. Sad truth, yes. I even chose to have some puppies put to sleep. Why? Because 3 puppies in the litter had parvo and I would not risk the other puppies going into the adoption area and infecting the adoptable puppies.

It was the worst job I've ever had. Ever. The only way I got through it was by knowing that I didn't cause the animal to be there in the first place and telling the animal that I hoped he/she fared better in their next life.

Do I think that the pound should/could work more with the average public? Yes and No. I think that they should give those possible unadoptable dogs chances in a foster home. Foster homes can help bring out wonderful personality of the shy dog. Can help the baby puppies have a better disease free chance at life. Can help the bouncy ones learn some manners that Joe Schmo might like more. I say no because there are dogs that should never be sent to anyone's home. I specifically remember a time when I had to stand behind a door because 2 animal control officers were walking a dog down to the euthanasia room with two catch poles around his neck. Oh the horror you say. This dog was being put to sleep because his super smart owner decided to train the dog to be not only dog aggressive, but people aggressive too and then couldn't care for it anymore.

I could go on and on with the stories. I've seen good dogs, bad dogs, big dogs, small dogs, yellow dogs, green dogs. Kidding about the green dog. I've seen almost everything.

As a former dog trainer I will tell you that I have personally rehomed two dogs that I could not handle. Yes. Me, a dog trainer, could not handle two dogs. Dog #1 was a border collie who felt my corgi was the most evil beotch in the world and should die. We are talking knock down, drag out, one of these dogs is going to lose an eye type fights. Not a darn thing I could do to change it, so I found the border collie a wonderful new home where she plays ball and loves her not-corgi lab friend to death. Dog #2 was a female pit mix who realized after winning a small scuffle during the water hose play time that she was in fact stronger than the female dobe she fought. Due to that she then decided that she would now be queen and that the dobe needed to die and would do everything in her power to include jumping fences to get to said dobe to get the job done. Dog #2 is now living at a rescue where we are hoping that perfect no-other-dog family will come along and be able to take her. I told this about these two dogs to show you that no one is immune. What do you think Joe Schmo would have done in these situations?

We currently have a nice pack that includes a neurotic dobe that can't hold her urine anymore, a doofy lab/shep/husky/dobe mutt, a corgi who likes to tell the world anything and everything, a jack-shit (jack russel/shitzhu mix) that came to us under the witness protection program because she bit a kid that had taunted her for years that can't go anywhere else because she is super cuddly yet evil all at the same time, a foster lab that we had adopted out but came back because the family had to "move", a cat that came from a litter of kittens that lived underneath a trailer and a cat with one working eye that the owner gave up because he couldn't pay for his medical care.

One of the comments I read somewhere said that basically "I didn't agree for my tax dollars to be used for this". All our tax dollars do is pay for our own messups. Your tax dollars paid for me to fly to California for a class that I could have gone to 2 hours by car down the road. My tax dollars pay for your school system. The circle goes round and round and round.

Is it shitty? Yes. Can we change it? Most definitely. How you ask? By doing more spay/neuter clinics in ALL areas of the cities. Not just for those that can't pay for it, but for those who don't think they should be spayed/neutered. How about charging a fee for animals to be turned in to the pound by owner relinquish? That sure would piss some people off. Maybe enough to make them keep their pet?

"This is just unbelievable - an absolute horror! Something has to be done!" says one comment. Yes, something does need be be down and you can do it by preaching to your family, friends and neighbors about the importance of spay/neutering your pet. Adopting a pet when you know you can financially take care of it. Proper treatment of animals in regards to training, shelter, feeding and medical care. Urge those that can foster animals to foster to increase the adoptability rate of the animal. Donate to the local rescues that help the pound euthanasia rate go down.

Here are some links to a few of the local organizations that you can donate your time and money to:
Angels of Assisi
League for Animal Protection
Roanoke SPCA
Planned Pethood
Rescue Me Southwest VA: facebook page dedicated to animal rescue

The director has a point when he says "Until we get a handle on over population, [euthanasia] is inevitable" and I hope that this post has helped you understand that a bit better.

Don't point your fingers at the pound. We should be thanking the pound. Point your fingers at the irresponsible pet owners.

Stepping off my pedestal.

(Bring on the comments. Polite debate is welcome. Please respect my opinion as I respect yours. Personal attacks are not welcome.)


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pesky Stink Bugs and Box Beetles

Box Beetles in their favorite spot on my house

Many of us in the mountains of blue are having problems with stinkbugs. For some reason, stink bugs are ignoring us. We have box beetles. They. Are. Everywhere.

Knowing that insecticides would be more dangerous for us than the beetles themselves, I decided to do some research into what might help. We have chickens and a muscovy duck and my first idea was to use them, but they were more excited about free-ranging in the often off-limits front yard and didn't go near the bugs.

I looked in my cabinet of everything homeopathic and found citronella oil and lemongrass oil. I googled and found this link: How to use Lemongrass Oil as an Insecticide you can also use peppermint oil too. I followed the directions and used rubbing alcohol and 30 drops of lemongrass oil and 30 drops of citronella oil and put in a small spray bottle. Shake well.

We only have one spot on the house that they like and seem to come in through. I sprayed the mixture onto the window sills and door frame that is directly next to where the bugs like outside. Then I moved outside. Since I didn't have a large sprayer, I had to refill a few times. I sprayed most of the areas I could reach. Here are some before and after pictures:







I sprayed this mixture this afternoon and they still seem to be steering clear of those areas. I can't tell you how long it will last and I am interested to know if it works for y'all. Also, if you have any other chemical free ideas to rid of these things (even temporarily) please share. I am now going to search for lemongrass itself and plant some in this area as that may help as well!

Enjoy the weekend and here's hoping you stay bug free...at least for awhile!